Interactive Caregiving- a Better Form of Senior Care in Springfield, OH

Learn about our trademarked method of senior care in Springfield, OH called interactive caregiving.

There are many choices when it comes to senior care. The primary difference in providers can often be spotted in their primary focus or mission statement. Most senior care providers will want you to know about their extensive range of supports and services, their ability to provide numerous daily living accommodations, and any areas of senior care in which they specialize. Comfort Keepers would agree that these are important aspects to senior care, however, their primary and ultimate goal goes beyond the physical supports and services they provide. Comfort Keepers focus is on maintaining a seniors independence and quality of life. They accomplish this lofty goal through their trademarked approach to care known as Interactive Caregiving.

Seniors who require assistance in order to remain independent and safely reside in their own home are much more than people who need physical help. They are people with social, emotional, and cognitive needs. For many seniors, the companionship that a caregiver provides is even more important than the task or support they helped accomplish.

At its core, Interactive Caregiving is a model of care that puts a senior at the heart of each task or chore. Before completing a task, caregivers ask why the task is important, how it impacts the senior, and how the senior wants the task to be accomplished. By learning about the senior and discovering what they enjoy, like, dislike, are passionate about, etc., caregivers can engage seniors in meaningful discussions and interact with them socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

On the opposite side of the coin, Interactive Caregiving means that since the focus is on the senior, by default, it is not on the caregiver. This may sound redundant, but most of us have experienced a situation where a service provider spent the entire time they were working talking about themselves, complaining about their situation, or simply rambling endlessly. This does not mean caregivers can never talk about themselves. It means that caregivers should first establish a relationship with the senior instead of monopolizing a conversation or using caregiving time as a soapbox for their problems. 

The same is true when it comes to other forms of interaction. What does the senior like to do? Do they like to walk, play cards, scrapbook, talk about their grandchildren, garden? When the caregiver taps into a senior's passions and makes their time meaningful, the level of care is elevated exponentially.

In the end, when the focus is placed on the whole senior and caregivers take the time to listen, learn, and provide care with a genuine desire to better the senior's quality of life, everybody wins. This is the goal of Interactive Caregiving. This is the goal of Comfort Keepers.

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