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What is Secure-A-Key?

Secure-A-Key is a company and Emergency Program founded and run by career firefighters/paramedics who after years of experience and thousands of 911 calls,  have seen a tremendous need for senior citizens and disabled individuals to have a lockbox installed on their home. Countless times victims have fallen and can’t get to the door which forces the EMS providers to make forcible entry and break into the home causing several hundred dollars’ worth of damage, not to mention the precious time wasted forcing entry. Time that could be spent giving patient care.


A lockbox program installed by Secure-A-Key resolves this problem so many people are faced with during their lives. Secure-A-Key is a firefighter/paramedic owned program that enables emergency personnel to quickly get inside your home in case of an emergency. We install a lockbox containing your key, an emergency contact information card,  and we link a key code to your address with 911 dispatch.  If you call 911, or someone calls for you and you are unable to get to the door, emergency personnel have quick access to get inside, without damaging your property by forcible entry through a door or window. Lockboxes can be installed on both brick or siding. Lockbox programs work by emergency responders using a key code to gain quick access to the lockbox. Don’t take a chance with your or your loved ones’ life, get peace of mind, get Secure-A-Key, and put your key into the hands of a fireman/paramedic.

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