Becoming a Caregiver in Troy, OH

Learn about the benefits of becoming a caregiver in Troy, OH for both the care recipient and the care provider.

Being a caregiver for a senior loved one can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a person's life. Of course, it is not going to be all cake and roses. There will be times of stress, trial, and frustration. In the end, however, the vast number of positive benefits outweigh any negatives. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center, 83 percent of family care providers viewed their care experience as positive.

Seniors who receive care in their own homes tend to recover faster from illnesses, heal faster from injury, have fewer instances of hospital readmission, and have a much lower risk of contracting infections. Being able to live at home also reduces senior stress and increases their overall quality of life.

Benefits of Being a Caregiver in Troy, OH

Caregivers provide supports and services for their senior loved one so they can remain safe and independent while living in their own home, but they also set a positive example for their own families. Hopefully, one day when they need help, family members will show them the same compassion and consideration they provided to their senior loved one. 

Not only do caregivers provide essential care that makes a difference in their loved one's life, but they also reap rewards in their own life. Statistically, caregivers age with better mental and physical capacities than non-caregivers. Much of this can be attributed to the constant vigilance and complex decision-making skills that are required of a care provider. Additionally, caregiving requires a person to remain highly active, which improves physical health.

Becoming a caregiver is hard work, but it is worth it. To maintain the benefits of becoming a care provider, family members should remember to maintain a healthy care-life balance. For most people, this means taking advantage of regular respite breaks and coordinating with a professional care service. With Comfort Keepers, support, assistance, and guidance are just a phone call away.

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