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Learn about the many benefits that come from being a Comfort Keepers caregiver!


While being a caregiver can certainly have its challenges, a study by the National Opinion Research Center found most caregivers (83 percent) called caregiving a positive experience. Care providers agreed that their work was often difficult and stressful, but the many positives aspects of caregiving far outweighed the negatives.


Being a Caregiver in Dayton, OH


The most commonly reported benefits to becoming a care provider include a deeper and more meaningful understanding to the value of life, satisfaction in knowing another person's life was improved, and a sense of hope that comes from setting a standard of care within the family (they hoped their children would want to provide high-quality care for them). Adding to these findings, the American Psychological Association noted that caregivers were often emotionally and physically stronger than non-caregivers; and care providers who saw caregiving as a positive experience where less likely to suffer from depression than non-caregivers.


The many benefits associated with caregiving should not be surprising as most activities associated with caregiving require an individual to stay physically active, focus, pay attention to details, and use complex thoughts. These qualities have long been associated with strong bodies and minds, including a decreased risk of cognitive decline.


For those wishing to pursue caregiving as a career, Comfort Keepers takes these positive aspects of caregiving and combines them with a flexible schedule, competitive pay, training, continuing education, retirement, and opportunities for advancement. Even better, since every Comfort Keepers caregiver is an employee of the company, you won't be competing for work or schedules against temps or independent contractors.


If you have a passion to serve seniors with the support of an award-winning industry leader, you might have what it takes to be a Comfort Keepers caregiver. For more information about the many benefits of becoming a caregiver or how to start the process of becoming a caregiver with Comfort Keepers, contact a senior care coordinator today.  

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